Every Morning is a Page Turner

I was restless this morning.

I was impatient this morning and my impatience led to distraction which led to frustration which led to anger.

“And meditation is supposed to help ground me for my day. This one is gonna be quite the S**t Show!

It took a few minutes of emotional searching but I finally found a place to rest and just sorta go with it. I wanted it to be over. I kept leaning forward a bit and that voice was telling me “Okay that’s enough, you can quit now.”

But I didn’t.

Let me tell you a quick story. I promise I’ll be quick. I know it’s early for some of you.

Years ago I met a man. He was standing on a street corner in a brightly colored robe. His side kick was sitting cross legged playing a sitar.

I was waiting for the light to change.

He approached me smiled and bowed.

“Where you are, is where you should be, right now!”

Then, he danced away.

It took me a long time to understand what he was saying and this morning I breathed deep and saw him dancing in front of me, smiling all the while.

“Where you are, is where you should be, right now!”

Every morning is a page turner. Some days I like the story. Some days the story sucks.

Every day, though, I am where I’m supposed to be, right now. What I do with this day is entirely up to me



I am going to be writing these short posts every morning for the immediate future with the exception of most Tuesday’s when I post my coaching blog. Please feel free, to like, follow and share.

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