We are all just beginners

It sorta bothered me.

A friend was telling me about her meditation practice and how much she was enjoying the benefits.

I asked her to share.

She paused and said “Oh you wouldn’t be interested. You’re way to advanced for something this simple. I’m just a beginner!

Truth be told my ego took a a gigantic leap. It was like a balloon in a parade. – Larger than life. I had this vision of being on the mountain top with all the meditative greats. “Hmmm I wonder what my robe will look like.


This morning during my meditation time a thought drifted through my mind. It was gentle and soft. It almost was whisper. “We are all just beginners.”

I let it linger for awhile and the more I repeated it the more of a mantra it became for me.

Yup, we are all just beginners. Every morning gives us a chance to begin again, to start with a new thread and to share the unique energy we’ve been gifted with while we are on this planet.

So, no matter how long you’ve been trying to contort yourself into the lotus position and no matter how many times your ticket has been punched to nirvana, remember, in the grand scheme of thing We Are All Just Beginners.

A good thought on this quarantined Sunday.

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